Teachers Never Stop Working

Quote of the Week

When the uncapped potential of a student meets the liberating art of a teacher, a miracle unfolds.    Mary Hatwood Fulrell

The holiday season is often a season of miracles, small and big, private and public.  And even during the holidays, teachers are always thinking about their students. They are gathering ideas from items they run across while focusing on their own families and friends as well as stealing a little time to peruse one of the many books that is part of a permanent pile next to the bed.  Or they might take a peek at all the resources on the Internet while baking batches of cookies.  Teacher never really stop working because the thrill of seeing their students succeed is all worth all the time, work, and effort they put into their teaching.

With that said, effective teachers find teaching materials that they can easily adapt and implement in their own classrooms.  If you’re thinking about starting a unit in January around The Hunger Games, check out the lesson plans we created with teachers and students in mind.


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