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The best moments in teaching are when students are visibly engaged in an activity and aha moments are filling the air.  Anyone without a trained eye may not see the preparation and work that goes into a learning scene like that.  They may not even see the teacher, who is probably rotating around the room, answering questions, affirming responses, or just enjoying seeing uncapped potential captured, seeing learning unfolding.  My colleagues and I have experienced those moments and attempt to make those moments happen for other teachers and students in the work we do.  Some of that work are the lesson plans we create for teachers.

Here’s an opportunity to try out one of our best products for FREE: The Hunger Games Character Analysis Lesson Plan. It’s the perfect lesson to begin on day two or three of your novel unit, after students have read the first three chapters. This FREE lesson plan introduces the characters and provides an activity for character analysis that can be used throughout the reading of The Hunger Games. Included in this FREE lesson plan are a detailed, easy-to-implement, step-by-step lesson plan, four printable student handouts—character analysis activity sheet for Katniss, Peeta, and a character the student chooses to analyze throughout the novel as well as a Cast of Characters Chart. There are reproducible cards to form groups based on character names. This is one lesson that will quickly engage your students. Check out our store for other great lesson plans and classroom activities.

hunger games character analysis


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