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Mr. Browne’s September Precept:  When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.images

While I am an avid reader, my first choice in genre is not generally young adult fiction, however when my ten year old granddaughter started talking about Wonder, I thought it would be great if I read it, too.  That way we could talk about the book together.  She leant me the copy her great aunt had given her and I was hooked.

There was much for the two of us to discuss—her experiences as a bilingual student, first language Spanish, in a new school.  Her third grade teacher started reading Wonder aloud in the last few days of school last year.  I wanted to do something for that teacher, so decided to create a literature unit for the book.  As I created questions, prompts, and mini-projects, I prevailed on my granddaughter’s expertise as a kid to determine if all of this made sense to her.  It did!

Currently we have a literature unit for Wonder that includes student handouts in both English and Spanish.  The packet includes a Before-Reading activity with six different prompts, a During-Reading activity with prompts for each book part focusing on quotes, caricatures, and titles; and two After-Reading Activities that include 24 end-of-the-book student mini-projects in two different formats that correlate to students’ strengths. And, this weekend we’re having a Spring Break Sale!  Check it out at:

We are working on a Read-Aloud Teacher Guide that includes a part by part guide, with teaching suggestions and questions and prompts for students, a Literary Log that corresponds to the questions and prompts that recommend writing first, and a PowerPoint Presentation format for the Read-Aloud Teacher Guide.  So, stay tuned!

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